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An Introduction to Physica Energetics

If you haven’t registered for this COMPLIMENTARY webinar, please hurry, space is filling up quickly!

Physica EnergeticsDr. Robert Cass has been a Naturopathic Physician for over 40 years. His early years of practice in Europe and Southern California (and now Canada) afforded him the opportunity to be at the core of the exploding world of natural medicine. Dr. Cass employs many bioenergetic medical protocols in clinical practice and in his college based courses, classes, seminars and consultations throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Far East and Central America.

He is the founding director of the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences which teaches advanced and master class electrodermal screening and other bioenergetic modalitied and protocols.

Dr. Cass also designs and formulates the Physica Energetics remedy line. These are the prestigious Health Canada licensed, handcrafted, SPAGYRIC botanical, homeopathic tinctures and nutritional remedies that are being used successfully in thousands of clinics worldwide and in the United States, Canada, South and Central America, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.

Dr. Cass is well known in international healing arts’ circles as a compassionate healer, an enthusiastic teacher, natural medical counselor to physicians, and fascinating presenter. His vibrant and thought provoking presentations are immediately applicable to all techniques and practices.

Join us for this quick paced, one hour presentation which will provide you with clinical insights, formulation strategies and specific product protocol applications. This complimentary webinar is for all licensed or certified Healing Arts’ Practitioners. It will be held Tuesday, April 24th from 7 to 8pm.


Online Registration

Feel free to call Mary at 855.668.0958, email or click on the blue button above. You can always call Integrative Health Distributors for more information as well.



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Detoxification Gateways Series – Homeopathically Removing Obstacles to Cure

NCIMS Seminar
Today, more than 200 years after its initiation, Homeopathy is enjoying a wonderful renaissance. This resurgence in Homeopathy is due, in part, to the requirements of an ever-changing wellness landscape that has become increasingly compromised and poly-systemically complex. A good definition of Homeopathy is that it is a non-toxic form of medicine that stimulates the body’s own natural healing tendencies in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

HomeopathyAdditionally, the practice of Homeopathy recognizes that symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease. All aspects of the body, mind and heart are constantly in motion, seeking balance. From a homeopathic perspective, every reaction (symptom) is energetically and biologically goal oriented and as such, assists in the detoxification of the system and in the repair of damage created by toxins (xenobiotics) and their by-products.

Unfortunately, detoxification has been overlooked as a central tool for health by modern medicine, relegated mostly to substance abuse rehabilitation. However, it has long been a vital part of most every other healing tradition.

Our evening session will provide both experienced and practitioners new to this work with specific, clinically applicable tools and protocols to integrate this profound healing approach into their practices.

Physica EnergeticsDr. Robert Cass, a Canadian, Naturopathic Physician for over 40 years, is the formulator and developer of Physica Energetics – a highly respected international natural remedy product line manufacturing hand crafted Homeopathic and Spagyric botanical tinctures and matrix nutritionals. Dr. Cass is also the founder of the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences offering instruction to thousands of practitioners in North and South America, Europe and the Far East.


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Feel free to call 888.632.2373, email or click on the blue button above. We look forward to seeing you there! CLICK HERE for information on the Embassy Suites – Greensboro.

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Stealth Pathogen Series – MYCOPLASMAS – Lecture by Dr. Robert Cass – March 1st Atlanta, GA

NCIMS Seminar
No other group of prokaryotics (cells that lack a membrane-bound nucleus) has been so embroiled in controversy and in establishing a clear pathogenic niche as Mycoplasmas. A review of the current, clinical documentation being performed around the world on Mycoplasmas indicates that these pleomorphic stealth pathogens are now known to be contributors or at least co-factors in a number of conditions including Lyme disease, respiratory conditions, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, cardiac patterns, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue, AIDS, ALS, arthritis, STDs, UTIs, Crohn’s, Lupus, Diabetes, Autism spectrum disorders and some cancers… to name a few! Mycoplasmas are parasitic in nature and unlike viruses, can grow in tissue fluids (blood, joint, heart, chest and spinal fluids). They can grow and thrive inside any living tissue cell without killing the cells.

HomeopathySome species of Mycoplasmas to date have been difficult to detect because of their ability for molecular mimicry. They are able to either hide inside or outside of the cells of the host robbing the cells of primary nutrients while at the same time taking over control of the host’s DNA. Once they attach to a host cell in the body, their unique plasma and protein coating can then mimic the cell wall of the host cell and the immune system cannot differentiate the mycoplasma from the body’s own host cell – a rigid signal. Mycoplasmas can also invade and live inside host cells which evade the immune system, especially white blood cells. Once inside a white blood cell, Mycoplasmas can travel throughout the body and even cross the blood/brain barrier, and into the central nervous system and spinal fluid.

Physica EnergeticsOur fascinating session with Dr. Cass provides a clinical overview of this shape-shifting, stealth pathogen and offers specific bioenergetic medicine protocols to address resulting conditions. Dr. Robert Cass, a naturopath for over 40 years, is founder and formulator of the Physica Energetics natural remedy product line and founder of The Academy of BioEnergetic Sciences.


Online Registration

Feel free to call 888.632.2373, email or click on the blue button above. We look forward to seeing you there! CLICK HERE for information on the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Atlanta.

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Happy Holidays Bonus from Integrative Health Distributors!

Greetings to our awesome practitioners! As all of us are in full holiday mode, we figured it was time to offer a ‘thanks bunches’ to you. All through the month of December, each time you order a case (12) of one product, choose either BioCatalase, Flu Milieu or Ultimate Rescue as your FREE product! There’s no limit to how many free products you receive, the more cases you order, the more freebies you get!
IHD Holiday Special
Not bad! It has been quite a first year for Integrative Health Distributors and we couldn’t have done it without the tremendous support from our practitioners. As we approach 2012, our goal remains to spread the good word of health and wellness to more and more people throughout the Southeast, the United States, the world! So don’t forget about our practitioner referral program.

Stay tuned for more information about our 2012 event calendar. It is rounding into form and it is hoping to include a couple of conferences, including a visit or two from Dr. Robert Cass! We’ll let you know as soon as we nail down the dates and events!

As always, all of us at Integrative Health Distributors appreciate your business, friendship and most importantly, the common goal of overall health and wellness for everyone! Wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday season to you and yours.

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Vitamin D Featured in USA Weekend

USA Weekend - Vitamin DHottest New Healer: VITAMIN D… But we already knew that!!

Well, the word is out. USA Weekend had this feature article on Vitamin D. As you may or may not know, USA Weekend shows up in papers all over the country. Feel free to read the article for yourselves (you can click on the image below), but please note several things about the Vitamin D phenomenon (this is why we carry Solray D!)…
The article includes nothing about Vitamin K2(with MK7) of course. This is why there is the warning about too much Vitamin D potentially causing kidney stones (from calcium deposits).

The Vitamin K2(MK7) in Physica Energetics’ SolRay D delivers the calcium (Vitamin D3) to the right places, i.e. the bones and blood, and keeps it from being deposited in the wrong places and causing problems, like calcification of the vessels, bone spurs and calcification of soft tissue. Solray-D also contains the most excellent D3 vitamin.

Vitamin K2 provides major protection from osteoporosis, cardiovascular blockages and pathological calcification. Note that just a capsule form for Vitamin D may not be absorbed by a compromised digestive system.

The Physica Energetics Solray-D Nanosphere Liposome immediately penetrates the highly permeable mucosal tissue of the mouth and the nutrients are released from the liposomes into the bloodstream, thus distributing the nutrients throughout the body in minutes by bypassing the digestive system.

This results in 100% improvement over digestive absorption. Solray-D has a continuous release, no peaks or surges in the bloodstream concentration, and it provides more than 12 hours bioavailability! CLEARLY EVERYONE NEEDS SOLRAY-D! Patients and practitioners alike. Do you have yours?

How about a couple other things? Research has proven Vitamin D3 to be an essential vitamin in support of a healthy immune, cardiac and skeletal system. It has also been stated that for the body to get enough vitamin D3, you would have to drink 5 quarts of milk and eat/digest 5 servings of oily fish per day! You could always try to get 20 minutes of sun between the hours of 11am and 1pm, with 40% of the body exposed. We all know this is an impractical approach.

You can now see how Solray-D is an amazing, state-of-the-art nutritional product that everyone could and should benefit from! Also, we have a more detailed monograph available for you to read. Please call or email us to request it. You can always download the PDF by CLICKING HERE.

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Dr. Robert Cass Shines at the BioEnergetic Conference

October 2011 – Greensboro, NC

Integrative Health Distributors, Inc. recently exhibited and sponsored the 2011 BioEnergetic Conference in Greensboro, NC. This conference was brought to healing practitioners throughout the country by Integrative Life Solutions of Clemmons, NC. IHD featured the Physica Energetics remedy line, gaining a tremendous response.

But perhaps the highlight of the weekend was the opportunity to bring Dr. Robert Cass, formulator and creator of Physica Energetics, to the Southeast for several talks on a variety of Clinical Applications.

Arya Gale, Event Coordinator and Practitioner Support for IHD, stated:

“The “tag line” of this Bio-Energetic Conference was “Where Energy Matters”. One could feel the pulsation of hearts and minds on the cutting-edge of energy medicine!  Dr. Cass said it ALL when he stepped up to the podium to address the audience and said “This is ONE CONVERSATION.”   He continued in this current during his presentation; Clinical Alchemy: Where Science and Magic Meet,” with his keynote that “The heart and mind was designed to be an integral revelation of the Vital Force at this level of design and creation.”

I would describe the event as “ground-breaking, template setting and heart-warming.”   Observing allopathic medicine doctors in enthusiastic response to what natural medicine doctors where offering. One prominent MD in particular,  approached the booth saying “I’m sold”.  This after hearing Dr. Cass’ presentation and having received a sample of our “Wild Oregano Oil” that was effective in addressing a viral pattern she had.   We had only brought samples of product to the conference but believe me we with the response we had we could have sold all we have in stock!

I had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting surrounded in respect and appreciation between Dr. Cass and a NC medical doctor, and in that moment I knew the time for “ONE CONVERSATION” had come!”

Liza Neerincx, Senior Sales Consultant for IHD, said:

“Dr. Robert Cass inspired the attendees of the BioEnergetic Conference with his innovative approach to healing and continued research on the ever changing xenobiotic influences affecting all of us.  Conference attendees were consumed with the content of each lecture and eager to learn more about Dr. Cass and Physica Energetics.  Although there were many thought provoking speakers from all over the world at the conference, there was something extraordinary about how Dr. Cass captivated his audience. His presence and participation created a new opening for us and a great opportunity for new partnerships and expansion of our business.”

Overall, the weekend was a great success, and everyone involved received a myriad of quality, useful information they can now take back to their practices and further assist their patients with achieving the ultimate goal: overall health, wellness and a greater being.

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Dr. Cass is Coming to the Southeast!

Attention Health and Wellness Practitioners:

Integrative Health Distributors cordially invites you to our COMPLIMENTARY seminar, CLINICAL APPLICATIONS with Dr. Robert Cass. Only on very rare occasions do we have the opportunity to actually meet and learn directly from a product line master formulator who also happens to be a highly successful clinician and international teacher.

Two dates, two locations to choose from:
Wednesday, October 5th, 7pm at the DoubleTree – Roswell, GA
Thursday, October 6th, 7pm at the Sheraton – Greensboro, NC

Healthy CoupleCold and flu season will once again soon be upon us, compromised and aggravated by last years’ unimpressive vaccination program. As a result, natural-minded practitioners of all modalities are faced with the added challenge of assisting patients’ innate and acquired immune system to flourish in the presence of an exacerbated xenobiotic onslaught. Participants in this highly clinical and in-depth session will learn to:

• Successfully prioritize causal chain factors
• Apply specific remedy protocols
• Up charge immune regulation

*Added Bonus: down charging immune regulation protocols and specific remedies will be shared.

As many of you already know, Dr. Cass is the founder and formulator of the Physica Energetics natural remedy product line and founder of The Academy of BioEnergetic Sciences. He is truly looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with practitioners like yourself.

Each seminar is of similar nature and content, so attending one or the other is perfect!


Reserve your seminar seat now by clicking the register button below:

Online Registration

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